Top jquery menu plugin

For large websites with lots of categories, jQuery menu plugins are essential. Building a menu plugin will be much easier with these unique set of plugins. Many of these jQuery plugins support Responsive layout design so that the menu can adopt any resolutions.  Most of the visitors wont understand drop down as it becomes completely messy without menu bars. So key in internal linking success is keeping making every category accessible from the menu and making the design to minimal.

Here we discuss about some jQuery menus and plugins so you can organize you menus better.

1. Hover slide effect with jQuery:

This is a neat effect with few images using jQuery. The main effect in this is that when you hover on any of the images from the picture box of multiple images, then it slides revealing other images. The sliding effect can be slide up or down, fading out or not, left or right and some random effects. All areas slip on the images when you click on an area.

Check out its code and demo here.


2. jQuery Multi Level Menu – FX CSS Menu with Submenus:

jQuery Multi Level Menu is a 100% CSS Menu with jQuery powered visual effect. To improve and enhance some of the effects Javascript is also included in the design of this plugin. This plugin is compatible with cross-browsers. It supports different versions of different browsers including the Internet Explorer 6. It provides different effects such as unfold sub-menu appearance, smooth fade animation on mouse over on an element. Its unique feature is that it is easy-to-setup. It contains simple nested unordered list with unlimited levels for menu items.

Check out more information about this plugin with its code and demo here


3. Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery:

Using this Overlay effect menu with jQuery we can create a simple menu that will stand out by covering everything except the menu with a dark overlay when we hover over it. The sub-menu area will be expanded and the menu will stay white. We will create this effect using jQuery. This menu is animated and will be interactive and user friendly. This plugin is very easy to use and implement even for beginners as designers. This plugin doesn’t need much code, it minimizes the lines of code and effort for the designers. All the effects implemented are smooth.

Check out more information about its code here and demo here.


4. Hidden flyout shopping cart menu with CSS3:

The shopping cart is the main criteria for every modern eCommerce website. Mostly, to view all the items in the cart, visitors need to click on the link or a button. Without limiting the information of any product or item, this is much cleaner and neat way of representing the items in the cart. Without using much longer lines of code as we used to do before, this just needs a simple line of code to implement this plugin. This provides many advanced and attractive features than before to make the menu in shopping cart more beautiful.

Check out its demo here and code here


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