Top jquery file upload plugins

To upload files, videos,  images, and other type of documents we have a jQuery File Upload plugins which can be used in your websites and web applications. Previously it used to take long lines of code for a file upload feature but now with jQuery plugin everything is made easier and more simpler. By just using any of the file upload plugins we can upload any file, it is not an arduous task.

Today we will discuss about some of the mostly used jQuery file upload plugins that will help you to deliver a better user friendly interface and experience to your visitors.

1. Closify: 

For creating a dynamic image uploader we have got a jQuery based plugin called Closify which simplifies the developers task. Using closify you can easily create any kind of image canvas such as  profile, cover or custom banner with different sizes you want. This plugin intelligently would resize the image according to the size of container of the website you defined with a respect to the aspect ratio of the image. And then dynamic widget is generated which gives you the capability to position/reposition your photo adequately. It then saves the photo with the position you defined and submits the information of the position to the server side which is stored there. And then change the photo you have chosen by deleting the selected photo.

Check out its code and demo here


2. PlupUpload:

We have this unique featured jQuery plugin Plupload which allows you to upload files using Flash, HTML5 Gears, BrowserPlus, Silverlight or normal forms. All of these provides some different features such as image resizing , upload progress and chunked uploads.
Plupload is developed by the designers of TinyMCE which is highly usable as an upload handler for your Content Management Systems or similar.

Check out its working and code for implementation here


3. Multiple File Upload:

To select multiple files for upload easily and quickly on your server we have other jQuery plugin called as Multiple File Upload ($.MultiFile) which is a non-obstrusive plugin for easy access for the users. The beauty of this plugin lies in providing some basic validation functionality which helps the developers identify simple errors, without having to submit the form. Validation includes functions such as checking whether the provided email address is valid or not, whether all  the fields are filled or not and many more.

Look at the code and demo of Multiple File Upload here


4. Resumable.js:

Here we have Resumable.js file upload plugin which is a JavaScript library that provides stable, multiple simultaneous and resumable uploads using different features of the HTML5 File API.
The main motto of this library is to introduce fault-tolerance into the upload of large files through HTTP(Hypertext transfer protocol). Fault-tolerance includes features such as reliability, availability even at the error situation. By using this plugin, users can pause, resume and even recover the uploads closed abruptly before without losing its state.

Check out the code and demo here 

download (4)

You have many more useful file upload plugins which make our job easy, try the code and implement them to know more about them.

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