Top jQuery countdown plugins

We have seen different jQuery plugins that are being used in websites. One of the important jQuery plugins is countdown. Through this plugin you can download files but you need to wait for specified time i.e., number of seconds before giving you the download link. There are websites which are not online but still uses countdown to tell visitors to come back in a very dynamic manner. Its main feature is that it supports and includes some effective jQuery scripts that can be implemented on your websites. It contains lot of useful cases.

Today we discuss different countdown plugins of jQuery and their implementation through code and demo:

1. Event countdown:

Instead of using simple countdown, if we add a photo image gallery Countdown to an event, then it highlights the event. It is the easiest jQuery plugin to integrate. In this plugin, gallery information and Images are added through the xml. Here the event should be described in detail using description text and customizable header. A custom message will be revealed when the countdown is complete. It is implemented simply in a straightforward way. This is a psd file that is fully layered. For this plugin cleared and detailed documentation will be provided.

Check out its code here and demo here


2. Coffe Time – Sprite Countdown Flip:

We have a very powerful countdown plugin called coffe time sprite countdown flip that contains many features to enhance the website functions. Its template is very easy to skin and compatible with any color or image. Designers and many developers prefer this plugin as it is very easy to set up, integrate and implement in any of your projects. This is one among the very lightweight plugin. Hence, it occupies very less space in the memory and it is fully optimized. We can implement the code without the need of PhP i.e, using a start date and end date. Though if you want to use PhP, you can even set up the dates through its settings. It is compatible with any server side language. The countdown can be set using either the server time supplied or the local time of the user.

Check out it here and try to implement it


3. JavaScript Animated Counter:

To represent a rapidly increase or decrease in the values such as values of total income of an employee, number of users registered for that website etc we have an awesome jQuery countdown plugin called Javascript Animated Counter. It contains many latest animations in displaying the date or time etc. Not only that,we still have its functions listed as, it can be even used to display as a date or as time and even as a clock. We basically use them for countdown purpose in our websites. They can be used to display the show time left for the beginning of the release of a product campaign or the start of the sale.

Check out its code here and demo here


We still have many other countdown plugins but these are the main plugins that are being used on websites these days.

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