Top best jquery websites

Are you so passionate about web designing? But are you a beginner? So you might be waiting for some existing best websites as examples so that you can extract the key features from them and unitedly you can make your own website effectively. Then you are on the right page, go ahead!!

To simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, we have got the most popular JavaScript library called as jQuery. It is designed in such a way that it has many visual functions such as animating, document traversing, Ajax interactions, event handling for rapid web development and many more.

Web designers just need to customize certain parts of jQuery plugin that they have used, to match with the designs they are working on. This simplifies the work of the developers and designers. jQuery doesn’t need highly advanced designing or programming skills. Beginners too can understand it easily. But the knowledge of JavaScript will help you learn jQuery very soon.  It is so simple takes away most of the tedium that usually goes along with coding. Anyone can learn this language within very less time. jQuery helps to speed the web design process up.

Today we discuss about some of the best jQuery based websites and the reasons why are they called the best!

1. Uber’s Brand Guidelines:

The set of attributes and artwork of the website represents the spirit and progress of that company. This website is purely made of jQuery. It is made so beautifully with different animations which attract users. It uses some of the properties such as Grid, color palette, font, logotype, tagline, hierarchy, B2B lockups.  It inserts typography, video, design system etc. Uber’s typeface is clean pro. It is used across all print, digital,  video creative. Videos are incorporated using videography and motion graphics.

View the website and many other features of it here 

Uber_Brand_Guide_-_Hierarchy_1-530x351 (1)

2. White Frontier Brewery:

This website is about the business of collection of beers. This website all over uses a beautiful combination of black and white colors. It is so simple with limited content, not a messy one. It uses the animation of logo. It is designed with some of the onkeyboard , onmouse events. We can even share the website on social networking sites. It uses image carousel so that their collection will be viewed.

View the website and many other features of it here

download (2)

3. Andy Wolf Eyewear – AWE: 

AWE is the newest line of glasses from Andy Wolf Eyewear. The website is built with a focus on smooth animations, crisp screen design,  full responsiveness and the gorgeous photos. It is compatible with all devices and browsers of latest versions. It even works perfectly on an iPhone 4s. It is simple,  with great photography, some fixed positioning effects, and slight movement make it very immersive and unique from other websites.

It is so beautifully designed about each and every type of eyewear. You can zoom the view, change the color and size available of the frame, add them to cart or share them and buy them. This website is so securely designed so that it performs all the transactions carefully.

Check out its design and demo here

download (3)


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