Things You Need Before Setting Up An Online Store

Many of us work online, shop online, study online and do confidential transactions too online. All of these websites on the internet must support some features such as flexibility, integrity-(  maintaining the consistency of the content), confidentiality-(maintaining privacy for credit card, debit card and mobile number details), reliability-(being available in all situations), etc. These features must be taken care for customer retention and successful running of your online business. Today we mainly discuss about the criteria and the measures we need to consider before we put up an online store.

1. Store Platforms and shopping carts: 

First you need to take care of the platform for the store. To power your e-commerce store, there are many number of shopping carts available. Additionally you will have lot more options if your website is built based on WordPress as it have plenty of plugins to work with. You have a choice of opting for full store platform or for a shopping cart. Depending on different factors such as kind of store you are running, the method of process payments you opted, and specific functions if you want to include, you can choose any one between store platforms and shopping carts. Basically there are many free and even paid versions of shopping carts that are made available for the functionality of the site.


2. Web Hosting and a Domain Name:

The main criteria you need to consider after building up the website is hosting it. It is obvious that we need to make it available online so that the customers would make use of your website. Your website itself is the face of your business. It is going to decide the future of your business as your online store will become an intrinsic part of your brand. Any kind of errors in choosing proper hosting and domain name packages will lead to so many issues later on.

You need to select a good web host package for your e-commerce site such that it contains features such as reliability, long standing availability, security and uptime. It means that the hosting package must enhance the features of your website and should attract more customers for your business.

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The domain name you selected here matters a lot than where you register your domain name. Because domain name is what people search your website with. (for eg:  So, it must be very catchy and simple. Don’t make it complex. So take your time during the selection process. Make sure it captures your brand perfectly. An optimized domain name is the key factor when it comes to SEO.

3. Secure Socket Layer:

In order to protect the personal and financial data of your customers, you have Secure Socket Layer — SSL which is the kind of certificate your e-commerce site needs. People purchase your product when they feel their details are safe and confidential. They should build trust upon your business. So, make sure that your site offers SSL protection. From your web hosting provider, you can typically purchase an SSL certificate.


So, these are the main measures to be taken care of before setting up an online shop.


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